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You have found the wax pattern company you are looking for. Legacy designs carries over 10,000 wax patterns at the lowest possible wholesale prices. Ring waxpatterns, charm wax patterns, bracelet wax patterns, waxpatterns for every need imaginable.  The wax pattern company sells to the jewelry trade as well as hobbiest, lapidary, schools and professional jewelers.  Rubber vulacanized molds and cad cam service are available as well as custom casting and jewelry.

The waxpattern or waxups as some people call them can save you 100's of hours of carving your own wax patterns. Timberline, Paradise wax patterns, rio grande, stueller and bourget brothers and all jewelry supply companies sell you wax patterns at wholesale prices, but Legacy Wax patterns is the number one source for wax patterns in the world.  We sell to every state in the united states including waxpatterns for Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Arizona, waxpatterns for colorado, oregon, washington, idaho, utah, new mexico, texas, mississippi, wholessale wax patterns to florida, georgia north dakota south dakota and north carolina, south carolina.  We even sell wholesale wax patterns at the lowest price to montana, illinois, ohio, kentucky west virgina and virgina.  Great Western Wax Patterns has shut down. Paradise wax Patterns will be closing in June of 2011 and Legacy Designs has all the mods from Paradise wax patterns. So Legacy designs owns over 40,000 molds that can be used in lost wax casting. Paradise. Legacy Designs Wilsons TCD and Prowax and Paradise wax patterns are all one source for wax patterns for lost wax casting. Wax patterns from Paradise wax patterns and great western wax patterns and stulller do not compare to the wax patterns Legacy wax patterns sells at the lowest prices ever.

New York, conneticut, vermont, washington dc pennsylvania also buy wax patterns from the lowest price wax pattern company with over 10, 000 wax designs for the denist and dental lab or dental student in your area.  We pride our selves on wax patterns that are of the highest quality wax.  We sell wax findings, wax heads, wax sprues, waxpatterns and wax patterns comfort fit band wax patterns, animal waxes, nautical wax patterns and also bracelets are our special wax needs and everyone knows that  Home Page.htm for wax patterns is the best and lowest wholesale prices available.

wax for lost wax casting.  Many wholesale companies like FDJ, Bourget Brothers, Rio Grande, Albuquerque New mexico use wax patterns at the tucson gem show and stuller wax patterns for Legacy is the biggest and best wax company in the US.  Rings, Charms, Pendants, casting by lost wax casting is what wax patterns are used for in the burnout process.  What to do about air bubbles in casting, investment is too thin and you should use a vacuum to invest your wax patterns and burnout for at least 10 hours of the wax process.  Casting wax patterns can be fun for the hobby person using waxes for spruing, wax wires, wax heads and prenotched wax pattern finginds. 


Tiffany wax patterns, emerald cut or octagon wax patterns as well as heart shaped waxes or waxups for the jewelry casting student are a must to be had at the lowest prices ever.  Prowax used to sell Legacy wax patterns lost wax casting.   Paradise was patterns, not paradise wax pattern company in toms river nj or

stueller in lafayette la doesn't sell wax patterns but has a great casting service at wholesale prices.  Custom casting work in gold and silver and making silver jewelry

no just indian jewelry at gold prices or silver prices are very low indeed.  We want to thank the following: Stueller, Lafayette LA, Paradise Wax Patterns, Great Western Wax Patterns,Legacy Wax Patterns, Bourget brother wax patterns and Aureus wax patterns as well as K wax on ebay.  Some people like Legacy wax patterns as they are the best wax company by far.  They will be opening under new ownership in the summer of 2011 after the owners retired.  Legacy had a vast assorment of cubic zirconia for casting stones in place as well as a tutorial for how to cast stones in place.  Casting genuine stones in place as well as cubic zirconia can save you lots of time and labor and reduce your cost on wax patterns and stone setting for custom jewelry.

Wether you are a jewelry student or dental student or a lapidary person using the lost wax casting method where you burnout wax patterns for several hours before casting.  Sprues, Sprue bases hold the wax patterns on a tree and you cast the gold or silver into a cavity where the wax pattern used to be.  Paradise wax patterns located in toms river nj has wax patterns and Legacy Waxpatterns has wax patterns for the lost wax process.  Lost wax casting instruction on how to use casting equipment and wax patterns for spruing as will as wax or plastic findings.  Stueller uses wax patterns to make lost wax jewelry in gold and silver at wholesale prices.

Comfort fit band wax patterns, wedding rings wax patterns, waxpatterns for eagles, horses, fish, shells, crosses of waxes and wax patterns are available at the lowest price.  We also make lizard wax patterns, geccos, shark wax patterns, for casting stones in place.  Emeralds, Saphires, cubic zirconia, rubies, are placed in the wax patterns prior to burnout and then placed in the kiln after investing.  Then the stones are cast in place like in the tutorial at Legacy website for wax patterns at www.waxpatterns.com  .  Take the wax pattern and place it into the investment for lost wax casting and you will then burnout for 10 hours at 1200 degrees or untill the wax is completely illimated from the casting flask, even using cad/cam service to make the waxes, you can always see the smoke burning out. The wax just vaporizes into the sky and then you cast your jewelry in a centrifical or vacuumn assisted or air pressure casting device.  Problems with vacuum are numerious because the wax pattern is not filled completely due to casting with a vacuum casting waxes is terrible.  Dont use vacuJewelry Wax Patterns are found at Legacy Designs. It is common for Jewelry Wax Patterns to be used in Lost Wax Casting. Jewelry Wax Patterns were invented by Legacy designs Wax Patterns and Legacy Designs who used to be in Lakeland Florida, Truckee California and then Reno Neveda. Legacy Designs is the master designer of Jewelry Wax Patterns. Custom Jewelry Wax Patterns has long been the ideal Jewelry Waxpatterns maker serving all wholesale lowest prices in the country. Sometimes jewelry wax patterns also known as paradise, lexwax, stueller or and Legacy Designs in Springfield Missouri make top quality waxes for jewelry making at the largest inventory available. Jewelry waxpatterns are made from the lowest priced wax patterns for jewerly in the wholesale industry. Legacy Designs and TCD jewelry wax patterns are the best jewelry molds in New York, Oklahoma, Idaho, Missouri, Florida and California. When Jewelry wax patterns are made from wax, the patterns, the molds are lost in the lost wax jewelry making process. From time to time Jewelry Wax Patterns or waxpatterns for jewelry are cast into silver and gold or bronze and can be sold for wholesale prices from paradise or or Legacy Designs the quality jewelry wax patterns in the world. Stueller in Lafayette LA does not sell jewelry wax patterns as does Legacy Designs who is the largest jewelry mold make in the whole wax pattern, waxpattern company.com casting to cast wax patterns as you will.

have many losses and will have to buy more wax patterns at wholesale prices from Legacy designs wax patterns.  Paradise wax patterns is in Toms river nj.

Great Western wax patterns is in Montana or Oklahoma or Texas or Louisianna or los angeles or san diego California where wax pattern casting is very common

NEW WEBSITE We are building a new website LegacyDesignsWaxPatterns.com Our New Website is currently under construction and will offer all information about wax patterns for lost wax casting, Legacydesignswaxpatterns.com will have wax patterns for lost wax casting, mold making sterling silver wholesale casting Legacy Designs is the number one provider for wax patterns in the entire world with over 10,000 waxpatterns for lost wax casting for wholesale jewelers, casting service, rubber molds. Stueller, Rio Grande Jewelry supply, Wilsons/TCD, Prowax, Wilsons Wax Patterns, LegacyDesignswaxpatterns.com can do custom wax patterns and jewelry castings in sterling silver, 14kt and 10kt yellow gold. Wax Patterns can be used to produce wholesale jewlery for the jewelry trade lapidary trade. We will notify you when LegacyDesignswaxpatterns.com is up and running so you can get quality wax patterns, waxmolds, waxmolds, for dental trade and the jewlery trade as well as wholesale wax patterns, wax molds waxups, for jewelry schools and wax patterns in general. Thank you for visiting LegacyDesignswaxpatterns.com

at low prices.