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You have found waxpatterns.com the home of Legacy Designs wax patterns. We have over 10,000 wax patterns used for lost wax casting.

Legacy Designs Wax Patterns did not buy out Paradise wax patterns, timberline wax patterns, bourget brothers wax patterns, swest, aurus wax patterns, Perkins Wax Patterns or any other wax patterns. We are wholesale and sell only to the jewelry trade or those who make their own jewelry. Wax patterns or Waxpatterns or Waxups or Wax Models are used in the lost wax casting process. The jeweler casting and making the jewelry, rings, charms pendants uses the wax pattern The waxpattern is attached to a "sprue" which is the gateway for the gold or silver or bronze to flow into the mold.

The waxpattern, waxpatterns, wax patterns are used to make a mold which is placed into a burnout over at about 1200 degrees. The waxpattern vaporizes and leaves a hollow cavity in the investment mold. Once the wax pattern, patterns, waxpatter is vaporizes, liquid gold or silver or bronze or other metals are injected into the mold by use of a centrifuge or vacumn casting or induction casting machine and forced into the cavity that the waxpattern made. Once the molten metal cools, the investment is broken away revealing the gold or silver or bronze casting.

The wax we use for our waxpatterns is a light green injection wax. Which is easy to work with and provides very nice castings.

Not only does the jewelry trade, jewerly manufactuers use wax patterns in the lost wax casting process, Many dentist and dental labs create jewelry using our wax patterns. Waxpatterns.com is your "
waxpattern soure".

We have all types jewelry wax patterns in our line.


Celtic Wax Patterns

Biker Wax Patterns

Nautical Waxes including anchors, ships, shells, conch shells.

Trees, leaves, cannibis wax patterns, western waxes, saddle ring wax patterns and horses, cows, monkeys, roosters, chickens, corn, cactus wax patterns desert, snakes, spiders, lady bug, feather waxes, indian style wax patterns, rolex style wax patterns, nugget bracelets, unicorns, griffins, lions, tigers and bear oh my.

Name necklaces in wax, mothers rings, claddah rings, celtic bracelets, horseshoe rings in wax. Texas maps, texas nugget ring wax patterns. lightning bolts, very good selection of animal wax patterns and much more.

Freeform Ring Waxpatterns

Nugget Rings and Pendant Waxpatterns

signet ring patterns made from wax in rounds, ovals rectangles and square waxes.

We have findings, heads, tiffany, bails, ring settings, four prong tiffany wax patterns, six 6 prong tiffany wax patterns as well as illusion settings, for facet stones and cabochon stone.

Animal wax patterns, pendants, charms rings, cats, dogs, elephants, religious wax patterns, crosses crucifix, star of david wax patterns, italian horns, yin yan waxes,

bass, trout, angelfish, starfish, seahorses, palm trees, pine cones, zodiac wax patterns, alphabet sets wax patterns for sterling silver cand gold castings. You name it, we probably have it for you.

Also in our line we have fairys, fairies, unicorns, art nu voe lady face waxpatterns. Zodiac rings and charms and penant waxes for lost wax casting.

Legacy Designs old website www.waxpatterns.com has been updated to our new website LegacyDesignsWaxPatterns.com You can email us at legacydesignswaxpatterns@gmail.com

We have the lowest priced wax patterns around. Wholesale prices for our wholesale customers.

Wax Pattern Catalogs are available, we have four color waxpattern catalogs with thousands of freeform rings, mens rings, ladies rings, findings, strip settings, skull wax patterns, biker rings waxpatterns, hearts, sprues, skull rings, Nautical waxes, birds, owls, butterflys butterflies eagle rings and pendants at the lowest prices and the highest quality.

Please contact us at: LegacyDesignsWaxPatterns@gmail.com or visit our website www.waxpatterns.com or our new website LegacyDesignsWaxPatterns.com

Custom Casting Gold Silver useing your metal coming soon.

Waxpatterns are what we do unlike some hobbiest that put wax patterns on ebay and etsy. We are the number one wax pattern source in the world.

Thanks for visiting waxpatterns.com and please use our new website LegacyDesignsWaxPatterns.com.

We look forward to serving your waxpattern needs.